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Founded by Barbara Backman, with the help of her husband Niall, and inspired by their three children, ROWE believes clothing can be functional, unfussy and stylish.

It all started with the realization that snaps were the worst. In Barbara’s postpartum haze after the birth of her first daughter, she truly felt that snaps had no place on children’s clothing. She loved the aesthetic of a one-piece romper and its laid-back vibe, but snaps just weren’t practical. Babies are too wiggly, fussy and impatient for that.

After countless prototypes and an obsessive search for the perfect fabric, zipper, pattern and fit - the Zomper was born! Barb realized she’d found a new passion for kids clothing and a missing market for the certain type of athleisure wear she was coveting for her kids. Today, along with the game changing Zomper, ROWE is working on new garment designs that align with that same vision.

ROWE is not fast fashion. We want the clothes to look great, from your first child to your last. Made in Calgary, Alberta with YKK zippers from Quebec and labels from Toronto, we make sustainable and ethical clothing, conscious of the future generations we’re dressing.

ROWE is designed for parents who don’t accept status quo snaps. We make it easy to dress active families without compromising style. It’s our mission to create convenient, casual, sustainable garments that last.